• Hi all, bit of a long shot but I'll try.

    I've got a FTTC (Fiber To the Cabinet) connection in the UK.

    Phone Socket <====> BT VDSL Bridge <====> (82.xx.xx.70/32) Cisco 1801 Router (82.xx.xx.70/28) <====> To 82.xx.xx.70/28 Network.

    The FTTC connection is PPPoE.

    Now I'm having problems with the Cisco 1801 Router as it keeps dropping the FTTC connection yet the BT VDSL Bridge is fine and DSL light is still on.

    I know PFSense supports PPPoE but would it "route" traffic between a /32 and /28 subnet without much hassle (not having to put firewall rules in etc)?

    I've got a virtualised environment so it isn't that much bother, I just dont want to spend most of my weekend configuring something for it to then not work.  ;D  ???


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It can route like that just fine.

    You would need to either add firewall rules or check the box to disable pf so it would pass everything without checking it, and disable outbound NAT if you leave pf on.

  • Got it working  ;D

    Needed the Advanced -> NAT, "Disable all packet filtering." unticking.

    Thanks jimp.