Approaching the limit on pv entries

  • I have just finished my install of this file: pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE-i386.iso.gz
    I did what I thought was the 32 bit install but am asked if I want to install multiprocessor support, which I really don't, but I can't see how to not select any kernel (multi-processor, developer or embedded).  
    Anyways, after only inputting the IP addresses of the interfaces and setting the default gateway the computer is telling me: approaching the limit on pv entries consider increasing either the vm.pmap.shpgperproc or the vm.pmap.pv_entry_max tunable.  I have found other answers on these forums that said to increase shpgperproc to 500 so I did that, but it did nothing at all for these errors.  As I stand here, without entering any more configs I have gotten the error over multiple times.  Is this because the 64 bit program is installed or is there some configuration that I need to do so that this does not come up again?