PPPoE Connection, multiple IP's, can't get this to work.

  • Hi guys.
    I have 2 network interfaces in my pfsense box - one is a lan interface (
    The other is connected to my ADSL modem.

    I setup a PPPoE connection for the modem interface, which works. However, there is another PVC setup on my ADSL link, which gives me another IP - a IP, assigned by DHCP. When I setup my connection under linux, I have eth1 as this IP, and the PPPoE session comes up on ppp0.

    Basically I need to have 2 WAN connections, one PPPoE and one DHCP. I haven't figured out how to get this to work properly. I did try modifying the config xml by hand, and adding an OPT1 interface on the same physical interface as the ADSL link, which correctly got assigned a DHCP IP, then I setup outgoing nat rules for this by hand, which worked. I figure there is a better way to do this though… with a vlan or something? I'm not sure. I tried creating a vlan, but was not able to get it to work at all.

    Another problem that I am having is that portforwarding does not seem to work. I tried portforwarding from the WAN interface to a local LAN IP, but external hosts could not connect. The only way I was able to get it to work correctly was to create the portforward rule on the WAN interface, then modify it to the PPPoE interface... but this would only sometimes work.

    Can anyone suggest anything which would make this work? I really want to get this setup, but it's not working well so far... :(

    Edit: Here's a diagram...

    Ethernet Card 1 (sis0) -->
    Ethernet Card 2 (rl0) --> 10.25.X.X (Assigned by DHCP)
                          --> PPPoE Connection (ng0?) --> 203.2.X.X (Dynamic IP via PPP)

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