Need help firewall is not working at all!

  • Having some trouble getting the rules to work… I am trying to restrict all traffic to the internet except some applications. I would like to use DNS names in aliases to provide a white list of websites that can be accessed. so I have two aliases...


    Alias 1

    Name - DHCP

    type - Host

    IP address (IP address of my machine)

    Alias 2

    Name - WhiteList

    type - Host



    Rule 1 (Bottom)


    Protocol tcp/udp

    source - host/alias - DHCP

    all the rest is any

    Rule 2 (Top)


    Protocol tcp/udp

    source - host/alias - DHCP

    Destination - host/alias - Whitelist

    all the rest is any

    I can hit Google intermittently and never pulling my hair out here someone tell me what I am missing please.

  • Here is a thought… should I be using a firewall to block website traffic or should I be using a proxy set up? Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Generally you want a proxy to do website control, doing that by firewall rules is difficult to impossible for sites that use a huge number of servers and IP blocks (basically every large site).

  • Yea it dawned on me that maybe I was trying to use a wrench where I needed a hammer! Now I have a whole slew of new questions to answer, I guess I am going to have to set up windows server and move from a work group to a domain to stop them from going off the proxy to avoid the restrictions. Fun fun!!! Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it!

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