Server NAT in pfsense simmilar to m0n0wall

  • Hi,
    i use m0n0walls at work which have the ability to perform single port forwards for a proxy arp IP address rather than having to use 1:1 NAT. In a m0n0wall we add the proxy arp IP to the server NAT tab as displayed here…

    and this allows us to select the proxy arp during the NAT rule creation as seen here ...

    is this feature available in pfsense somwhere ?

    thanks in advance.


  • Yes … I think it is in the same location but called port forward (have not used m0n0wall since pfsense came out) ... Once you setup your proxy arp VIP, then you can setup port forward rules for your servers.

  • thankyou for your assistance. i worked it out from your comments. I was adding the whole subnet to VIP as a proxy arp. I changed it to each individual IP address and I can now see each IP address in the drop list.

    thanks for the assist

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