Publishing a Webserver with a trusted certificate

  • I like to know if it's possible to publish a webserver on Pfsense with a trusted certificate! I'm thinking of deploying Lync server and publishing it on Pfsense instead of TMG firewall.

    I'm new to Pfsense but I really like it.

    Please advise! Thanks

  • You are going to run the web server on pfsense? I would not, but if I was, run it in a jail. Don't know about cert, but most all web servers can handle that.

  • Not exactly! I'm actually thinking of using it as reverse proxy just like TMG has this feature!

    Lync Server is running fine on TMG however! I'm not sure if it'll be stable and for how long…! So I'd rather move to more secure and more stable system.

    I haven't seen anyone publishing documentation on how to publish a webserver via pfsense with a certificate. Lync has some web services that requires publishing with trusted certificates and this is already done on TMG but since i'll be installing this on customer locations too! I don't think they'll like the idea of having 2 separate firewalls even though it seems more reasonable and more secure but they won't like it as it'll take more resources.

    any ideas?

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