Captive Portal does not work on Opt1

  • Hi Folks

    Have a new 2.01 setup with a static WAN interface, a LAN interface ( and a OPT1 interface ( I'd like
    to use for the CP
    DHCP works on OPT1 and Trying to connect I get a valid IP adress from the specified range but the CP portal page does not show
    Might this be a gateway or routing problem ?
    Hope anyone here has a hint… thanks in advance


  • Try to setup the OPT1 interface IP address as Gateway and DNS on DHCP Server (OPT1).

    You must allow traffic on firewall rules for OPT1. At least these ports:
    8000 (CP)
    53 (DNS)
    80 (HTTP)

  • Hi Nachtfalke

    Thank you for your tips but I cannot get 2.01 to work at all. I can install the defaults, all is fine and as soon as I add a Opt1
    interface or change anything else the box stops providing internet access on all interfaces.
    I mean it is a fine new appliance with 7 Gig Ethernet interfaces but I cannot use it with PFsense it seems.
    May it be it is illegal to have the CP on Opt1 or any other interface than LAN ?
    Guess my networks are valid as well because the network resided on a PFSense 1.2.3 box and the
    network resided on a I want to merge them to one new appliance.
    Any clue ?

    cheers thafener

  • Could you try to run CP on another interface - other than LAN and OPT1 - just for testing ?
    In general it should work on any interface.

  • It'll work fine on any interface. If you're breaking connectivity that seriously, seems you would have to have some kind of serious misconfiguration, like maybe using a very wrong mask (like a /1) on one of the interfaces.

  • Thank you all, I have made a new installation from the scratch, now it works fine  ;)

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