Portforwarding hmailserver and roundcube (and vpn GRE)

  • Hi,

    I'm currently using one of my Dell Poweredge servers with pfsense and it's working allmost 100%.

    My first problem is that I use zpanel which is a package with hmailserver, roundcube, apache etc.

    Now on the server without a firewall everything works but the server behind the pfsense is fighting against me a bit.

    Email clients like Outlook works without problem but when I try to send a e-mail from roundcube I just get "can't send message", like I said before, the other server works great.

    My second problem is related to GRE, I have a VPN server behind the firewall but I can only connect with one user when I'm behind the firewall, When I'm outside there is no problems.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards


    Here's my Rules

    WAN TCP/UDP * * WAN address 2525 2525
    WAN TCP/UDP * * WAN address 25 (SMTP) 25 (SMTP)

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