• Simple question I guess  ;D

    Is it possible to install apache on the same machine as Pfsense, and with it Perl too?  for a couple very basic websites.

  • Yes (pkg_add), but I would never, ever do so. Websites are so commonly hacked, you don't want your firewall getting owned in the process.

  • It would only be an internal website, and the firewall is only used for the captive portal really!


    Pfsense obviously serves a few pages, and you can add a limited amount of PHP files.  Can you actually use PHP to write files directly with Pfsense though?  If I could do that I may not need to install apache.

  • Having installed Squid & Lightsquid, I can see that light squid uses some Perl PL/CGI scripts and serves pages. like

    How does this serve these web pages?  I know I can add web pages to the captive-portal area, but is there someway for me to add some custom pages like lightsquid does?  I cannot see anywhere in the fils system how to do this (using the file browser package).

    Thanks alot.


    Ah, ok, seems I can add things here: /usr/local/www/

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