Cant ping cant browse cant do anything

  • Hi Guys
    I am setting up my pfsense on my watchguard firebox x500 on 4GB CF (using pfsense 2.0.1) and I got the external and lan1 to work correctly but I cant get lan 2-5 to ping the DG and cant ping or I cant browse out to anywhere right now and I do have under WAN: I have unchecked Block private networks but I still have block bogon networks.

    Under firewall under nat outbound its set as automatic outbound NAT rule generation.

    So what do I need to do get this working correctly?

  • anybody?

  • Rebel Alliance

    On "OPT" interfaces you Must create the "Pass" Rules, otherwise all traffic is blocked by default

    To start, just copy the "Allow LAN to ANY" form LAN ;)

  • Well I was able to get it work finally after going to each lan interface firewall putting in LANs Firewall Rules set, add an allow ANY to ANY with ANY protocol.

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