Problem accessing mail * RESOLVED *

  • Hi,

    I'm having a problem with the network of a customer, they use Outlook and are not able to connect to the server that sits outside the network, made ​​it a rule allowing access ports 110, 25, 587, 995 but still did not work. Doing a telnet through firewall in mail server ip works, from a host on the network does not work.
        Even using the default rule "allow" still doesn't work.
        On "States" output looks like the traffic is still been filtered.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The output there means that the outlook server never responded to the syn (connection attempt)

    If it were being filtered by the firewall, one or both of those states would not have existed.

  • well, the Nat was not working, dont know why, perhaps because the lan net is when I did a manual nat all worked well. Someone have a logic explanation?

  • is not reserved for private addresses and should not be used in a LAN.

    If a particular piece of software or firmware sticks to the RFC you might have an issue or two…

  • I know that, i'm just replacing a linux firewall and cant touch in this address. I would like to know why the pfsense didn't made the automatic nat rules, if it's because the network address or a bug in my installation.

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