Quagga OSPF and Bridging

  • Hello,

    I am looking for some advice on the following setup:

    I have 3 locations that have Cisco 3750 Stacks running OSPF in Area 0. My Stacks are connected to a pfSense 2.0 box at each location that has Quagga OSPF in Area and each pfSense box has 3 interfaces (1 to the 3750 stack, 1 to a wireless bridge and 1 to comcast for openvpn connections). I am using pfSense to create VPN tunnels between the sites and handle fail-over via ospf from the wlan to the vpn. The described setup is working as intended. However, I have 3 VLANs that I need to get back to my primary site. I realize that OSPF is a Layer 3 and VLAN trunking is Layer 2. I have tried to bridge the LAN and WLAN interfaces to allow the Layer 2 traffic over the WLAN but OSPF drops the learned routes from the 3750 stacks once the interfaces are bridged.

    Is there a good way to have OSPF and Bridging live on the same interfaces, or is there a better way to achieve my goal?



  • If your vlans have certain subnets then those can be calculated as L3.. and after that you can route those

  • Agreed, but the problem that I am trying to solve is allowing the vlan trunk to bridge form the lan interface to the wlan (wan) interface. The dhcp server sits on one side of the wireless link and the clients on the other. I have been able to negotiate an IP address at the remote  side when the nics are bridged. However, once ospf is added to the setup the networks that are on the lan side of the bridge drop out of the zebra routs. It seems that if the interfaces are bridged (lan and wlan) that they are not able to participate in Quagga OSPF. Is that  your experience as well? Unfortunately my testing system became a production system so I am somewhat limited in what I can test until I rebuild my lab.


  • Well, i'm not experiencing a thing.. cause i'm not using ospf anywhere.. Our customers have so little networks so we're using static routes.

  • Update: This appears to not be an issue at all with pfSense. You can use Quagga OSPF and bridge on the same NICs. The issue I am having is due to my Cisco 3750 STP putting the ports into block.

    Thank for all your help and everyone who view and pondered my issue.


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