New rules not working until restart

  • Hi guys, I have a very strange and frustrating issue;

    For some reason if I want to add a new rule to my PfSense Firewall, I have to reboot the entire router for it to take effect. For example; If I add a ICMP rule for a computer on the network, I can carry on pinging the device even if I remove the rule, but when I restart the router then it times out like it should do.

    I have tried to reset the 'states' after adding/removing rules but it hasn't made a difference at all.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I am running the 2.1 beta however the same problem occured on 2.0.1 for me.

    Also if I want to add a new rule such as opening a port, I have to restart the entire firewall for that rule to become effective.

    This is a fresh install.

    Cheers for your answers,


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Usually that's from a broken package.

    Go to Status > Filter Reload, trigger a reload, and see what gets displayed in the status.

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