Suddenly can't ping firewall from lan

  • Hello,

    Just recently I have internet downtime due to some cable problem but it was already fixed. Now I connect it again to my pfsense firewall at first everyone can't connect to net since restarting the firewall again and and again won't resolve. What I have done is turn off all devices modem, firewall server and the switches. When it got right back on though the workstations has now an internet I have noticed that I can't  ping  the firewall itself which is weird as far as I know I don't change any configuration since the internet disconnection occurs. And it should by default I could ping pfsense but I can't. I notice also the system firewall log it was being block.

    Creating specifically a rule for this to allow my lan to ping to the pfsense is fine but this should work without those rules by default. Any ideas why it happened this way? Maybe some bug?

    Note: Pfsense is on proxmox virtual server. Other KVM's can be ping except pfsense.


  • I believe unless you have a rule to allow ICMP traffic to the firewall you will be unable to ping it.

    Can you connect to your firewalls web server from that machine?

  • I suggest if you can get console access to pfsense and assign interfaces again to reset the IP Info. Option 2 i believe.

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