Static route missing

  • Hello,
    I configure a firewall for the first time. I want to understand with my virtual machine can't reach DNS or ping Google's server.

    I think one route is missing, but … where .


  • If you are using the pfsense firewall as the only router, then you can remove the LAN gateways and switch it back to automatic outbound NAT. You can also delete both static routes you have going on. You only need a default gateway on WAN.
    If you are routing to another box first, then you might need some routing rules, but not NAT.

    You also didn't post your LAN or WAN firewall rules. So we don't know if you are simply blocking access. Please provide more details.

  • Thanks podilarius
    I just removed static route, my pfsense is the only router on the network.

    Not it works, my virtual machine can reach soft on the internet …


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