Blinkled does not know how to stop and start

  • I expect that this is an issue in 2.0.1 as well, but posting here in 2.1 anyway.
    blinkled puts the following service information in config.xml:


    But it does not create a file.
    This seems to have the following consequences:
    a) Status:Services - the stop/start/restart buttons try but cannot actually do their actions for blinkled
    b) When removing blinkled the processes don't go away - I guess the package uninstall code tries to call stop, but it doesn't work. Causes 2 sig11 errors when blinkled then dies from having its exe removed from under it.

    This is a package that is really easy to use for testing install/uninstall - small, has a pbi, has a daemon, service entry, menu entry… all the basics of a package and only 1 minute to install/uninstall. So would be good to have this last issue fixed.

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    Shouldn't be too hard to fix, somewhere in the code it just needs to write out that rc file (like how other packages do, with write_rcfile()). I just need to find a few minutes to do it.

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    A friendly (yearly) bump as it's still broken. :D

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    Should be OK now.

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    All good now… thanks.

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