Block private/bogon networks on *LAN* page?

  • Hi, I just noticed that I have these settings on both WAN and LAN config pages. I only remember seeing these on the WAN config. I'm currently setting up a new box with pfsense 2.0.1 and activating the LAN' ones blocked all the access to the internet and the router itself (even the webgui anti-lockout rule was overriden). While this is exactly what is supposed to happen, should they appear on the LAN config page or it's just a gui bug?

  • When enabling this rule, your lan ip should be none private ip area. and also clients which is connected to it

  • Yes I thought the same. I just don't remember seeing these options on the LAN page. I guess I missed them somehow…  ???

  • In 2.0 and later, wan, lan, and opt interfaces have the same options available to them, so that is why it is there even for lan.

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