Shape an Interfacegroup possible?

  • Hi,

    after long time testing the trafficshaper in 2.0.1 i got stucked.


    Kabel Internet connection with 2 Ips (provider dhcp mac assignment -> so i cant use one Interface!).
    According to this i have 2 Wan Interfaces sharing one Internetconnection.
    I want to prevent splitting useable bandwidth which halves bandwidth per Interface.

    Is it possible to handle this with trafficshaper without a second pfsensebox? Shape an Interfacegroup?

    Tricks with Bridging dont work properly.

    branch office site:
    Internet --- cablemodem --- switch ---------- WAN1 --|              |
                                              |                                | PFSENSE |------ LAN
                                              |------------- WAN2  --|              |

    PS: why i need 2 Ips? because there is limitation on pfsense for Multiwan setup on headquarter site... i cant create 2 IPSEC Connections
    with different IPSEC Endpoint Source gateway Interfaces adresses (HQ real^^ multiwan) to one destination IPSEC Remote Gateway address (branch office).
    I must route some networks through different IPSEC tunnels to use particular Wan interfaces for traffic.


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