Location of aliases under firewall menu question

  • Hi there I am after the location of where all the address/ports/etc of the alias configs are kept please?

    I just wanted to try and develop something to cut down the amount of spam I am getting.

    Kind regards,

  • I'm not sure what you mean, but the easiest way I know for check alias configs is by read the /cf/conf/config.xml file

    Anyway, if you're trying to "cut down the amount of spam" the best way is a combination of spamassassin with various add-ons and RBLs. And I speak from experience, since my old e-mail address is probably in every spammer's database on the planet. Back in 2007/8 my anti-spam setup rejected 5000+ spams, per day, per email address (note: it seems that the amount of spam has decreased somewhat recently, since they closed down some botnets).

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