NanoBSD 2.01 hangs at Configuring Firewall after pfBlocker is installed

  • I have a nanobsd 2.01(2g) on CF card in a Neoware Thin Client with 1 GHz C7 and 512 MB.  I installed pfBlocker from the packages menu and it works flawlessly.  When I reboot the firewall with the pfBlocker turned on, there is a delay of 5-10 minutes hanging on the "Configuring Firewall…" message at the console.  When I turn off pfBlocker the unit boots immediately.  I could live with this but I also installed squid with no caching and dansguardian  web filter.  After these packages were installed they seemed to work.  However, if I reboot the device it hangs indefinitely on “Configuring Firewall..”  I’m not sure if it would ever boot but I have waited 20-30 minutes before wiping put the CF card and starting over.  Does anyone know a solution for this or what may be causing it?  Thanks.

  • I had this on my Alix, seems to be with the way that the package links the aliases, on cold boot the file is empty. It will boot, but it takes a long time. Needs to be fixed, but I can't provide details at the moment. You might want to check with the package dev.

  • It can take quite a bit longer than 5 minutes.  One of the maintainers (marcelloc) explains why in this thread:

    Pfblocker uses url table alias lists published on local web server, if it tries to load alias from webserver that is not up, the fetch connections waits a lot (maybe your 5 minutes issue) before timeout.

    More details are there.

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