Unable to get DHCP IP!

  • I'm trying to enable a DHCP server on LAN interface but no obtain any IP using pfSense BSD.

    The DHCP server returns the following error:
    dhcpd: 5 bad IP checksums seen in 5 packets.

    Anyone know what it means and how I can solve this problem?

  • any help? :(

  • DHCP server is running on interface rl0.

    IP packets include a checksum calculated on the IP header. Your DHCP server is probably reporting that the IP checksum in the packets it received doesn't match the data.

    Someone is sending you garbage (incorrectly computing the IP checksum) or your rl0 interface is broken. I suggest you try replacing your rl0 interface by one of a completely different type (not Realtek) and see if the problem goes away.

    You could also try issuing DHCP requests from a completely different computer and see if they also cause reports of bad IP checksums.

  • Definitely that was the problem, change the network card and enable the DHCP server on it and now works correctly, wallabybob thank you very much your answer helped me a lot.

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