Can u help me! How to port forward to 3cx VOIP server

  • Gyday guys

    I'm having trouble setting up port forwarding to my 3cx VOIP server.

    To cut the long story short, i gotta forward these ports:
    5060 , 5062, 18500-18700 & 5000 to (this is the static IP of my 3CX server)

    Below is the settings i have configured, but upon running the firewall checker in 3CX it says fail.

    [and it dont work- when you dial a call you can't hear the person on other end- whilst they can hear you!]

    What have I done wrong?

    By the way my setup is single WAN Single LAN.

    Any assistance would be appreciated cause Im stuck


  • Banned

    Have you tried with TCP as well?

  • 5060 needs to be TCP/UDP same with 5062

    That should be fine. It even states that on the 3cx website firewall test.

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