Use Virtual IP for outbound not work

  • Hi All,
    i have the following setup
    OPT1  default GW

    Virtual IP
    server on LAN
    Ihave the following port forwarding rule which is working.
    VIP  port 25
    VIP  port 3389

    I want the server going out using the VIP  on the WAN interface.
    I created an Manual Outbound rule but it's not working. the server always use the default GW when going out
    i use the check the ip.

    interface WAN
    source port *
    dest            *
    dest port    *
    NAT add
    NAT port    *
    Static port  No

    Thanks for the help!

  • Are you trying to change what IP it goes out on, or what WAN it goes out on? IP translation is outbound NAT, which WAN it goes out of is from firewall rules.

  • i am trying to change what WAN it goes out. i want it goes out on one of my Virtual IP.

    I checked the following case which is similar to what I have. I thought it’s on Outbound NAT

    So, if which WAN it goes out of is from firwall rules, why can i specify the WAN IP i want to go out?

  • outbound NAT determines what IP something uses when it leaves a particular interface. Firewall rules determine which interface something leaves. Details in

  • Thanks for the information. I got the book already. I am setting up a few pfsense with embedded and hardware installation and try to migrate some sonicwall and cisco firewall. Some of the behavior on the pfsense doesn’t work the way it should. I may need to spend more time to see what’s wrong. Regarding on the pfsense book, do you know if any book base on ver 2.0 pfsense will come out soon? Thanks.

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