Help new install!!

  • I have a dell Levano 1.8 2Gb with one nic card one PCMCIA and one USB adaptor all G.
    Set up is fine snort installed and working with one LAN one wan and one pc.
    I have a ea4500 to use as an AP for my wireless devices and the wired main pc.
    My problem is where to put my NAS? Use the opt output? Connect into the AP? I want to share with All pc's phones etc

  • On a switch with the NIC? Usually you want the NAS on the fastest connection possible.

  • So if I use the NIC inbuilt card 1G to connect to the wan of the linksys router in ap mode and plug my pc and NAS into one of the lan ports everything will work out. I don't need the USB adaptor at all?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I'm assuming that by 'G' you mean Gigabit rather than 802.11G.

    Yes, you can use the Linksys as a switch. If, in access mode, the WAN port is no different to any other then use that but I would probably use one of the other 'LAN' ports to be sure. You need to be sure the Linksys is acting purely as a switch or it will confuse things hugely!  ;)


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