Build a VPN Server Is pfsense a good choice?

  • Hi all,

    I like to build a VPN server with the following requirements:

    1. served for 10-100 pptp dial in users
    2. keep user activities e.g. authentication, time used etc (RADIUS)
    3. Squid proxy for web server
    4. IP checking for hot websites used by VPN users

    Is it easy to maintain the server?
    Any good suggestions?
    In fact, any persons here can give me advice if I paid for consultancy fee?

  • Doesn't sound like anything pfsense and some packages can't do:
    freeRADIUS, dansguardian, squidguard

    For consultancy, check paid support:

    As for easy to maintain, I don't know really, I like pfSense, and I find it easy to maintain, but hey, that's me :P

  • Thanks for your information. :D

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