Firewall Blocking OpenVPN Network Intermittently

  • First of all, Thanks for pfSense, it is a great package and provides all I need for firewalling and more, the incorporated OpenVPN wizards are a added bonus. Here in lies the problem. I maintain a network for a non-profit organization with two locations, let's call one the main office and the other the remote office. The remote office went on line five months ago, so I configured pfSense firewalls at both location with OpenVPN providing connectivity between the two sites. Everything work great up until a few days ago. The firewall at the remote office begain blocking access to the main office network, essentially cutting off all access to the main office. I can ping either end of the OpenVPN tunnel sucessfully, but can not ping  either local network from the opposite ends. A reboot of the remote office firewall resolves the problem for a varied length of time, somewhere between 24 to 48 hours. Internet browsing is not affected by loss of connectivity to the main office network. I have out of desperation implemented a Cron job to reboot the remote office firewall once a day. However, I know this is not a cure and really need to find the problem. Can anyone possibly give some insight as to where I may begin my search? I am not an advanced networking guru, but I suppose that I am somewhat more than a novice, and I can find no obvious problems.

    Thanks, Greg.

  • might be an issue with the routes being overwritten on either side …. this can happen if you have configured overlapping subnet's on any of the interfaces (this can include vpn's)

  • No overlapping subnets on either end. I made sure of that when initiall configuring remote office. I find it odd that everything peformed as expected for several months. Could hardware failure be a possibility even though web browsing still works?

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