Anybody been able to create users with IE ??

  • Apparently the built-in feature to create users for the CP has a BUG with Internet Explorer(8/9), which basically prevent any newly created users to access the internet.
    So, as it seems a new release of PfSense correcting this bug will not reach us anytime soon, i was wondering if anybody here, got it working somehow, maybe through a third-party application????

  • @EOC2611P:

    maybe through a third-party application????

    Have you tried Firefox? Opera? Chromium?

  • for now im doing fine using firefox to manage my pfsense.
    Clients/users using various browser and login without problem.

  • Thanks for the replies.
    I haven't tryed yet to do it with a different browser, as i was worry that, being all my clients almost 100% IE  users(the rest are BlackBerry's users), they might end up with the same problem.
    As somebody already knows, my access point fried up, so i am going to test this by using an old Zyxel P660HW as an emergency AP, tomorrow i will swap it's little antenna with a new connector to hook up my external Omni antenna (2,5m)  :D

  • Well…not so well...the Zyxell has no problem to broadcast the wifi, but as soon as i try to make it work with PfSense, i can't browse the internet anymore.
    It's showing that is connected to the web, but when you try to browse a page, only a white page is displayed.

  • Just a quick update.
    Connecting this Zyxell to an external antenna it's a waste of time, not sure if the signal get dispersed on the 4 meters RG6 or just it doesn't pull out enough Watts…

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