Internet balancing-bandwidth limits

  • good afternoon. I have 50 computers lan
    How can i create rules to make internet maximum bandwidth traffic?
    example << 5 computers with  ip allow  downloading maximum 100 mbit/sec>>, the next 7 computers allow downloading unlimited, and etc etc

    Can i do it this with vlans? for example 1 have 10 vlans make it in my pfsense and i want to put in them my pcs, and make a single rule for a single vlan.

    thanks a lot

  • You can use the Limiter function under Traffic Shaper and apply those (In/Out option) to firewall rules for those ranges.

  • Can u able to describe more politely  :) we say we want to main LAN card want to trunk and there after want to vlan wise to access too.after that rule creation must import kindly appreciate how to rule set can deploy to Pfsense :)

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