BT Infinity and MLPPP problems configuring

  • Managed to set up my pfsense box, everything appears to be working fine, but now I want to do MLPPP with my two wans but i'm getting a bit confused how to do this. The instructions make it sound easy (5 steps) but doesn't appear to work for me?.

    In my PPPs I have :-

    PPPoE0 which is assigned to vr1
    PPPoE1 which is assigned to vr2

    I tried creating another PPP and selected vr1 / WAN + vr2 / WAN2 and assigned it to the WAN interface but it didn't work (which PPPoE username password should be used?) seemed to cause a reboot.


    PPPoE2 interfaces (vr1,vr2)

  • Under "Assign"  WAN should = PPPoE1…

    With mlppp you should only have one login provided by your ISP...  You use those as your login on the PPP's page.

  • This is how I have it at the mo, working fine, NAT working great etc.

    I got provided with two logons, one for each DSL connection, was I supposed to get one for the bonded connection? BT wasn't too clear on it.


    When I've attempted to bond in the past, the first pfsense install broke with a kernel panic ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For MLPPP you get one login - and you only have one PPP entry.

    Delete the second one, edit the first, then ctrl-click so both physical interfaces are selected.

    If the ISP allows MLPPP and they allow your credentials to sign on twice, then it will be bonded. It's presented to pfSense as a single interface and no special multi-wan config is needed. It looks like one wan.

  • Excellent, I'll give it a go - thanks for the help :)

    Ok this is what I have now,

    Box seems fine but theres no bonding, but i'm getting this in the logs

    Aug 30 14:32:29 ppp: [wan_link0] Link: Matched action 'bundle "wan" ""'
    Aug 30 14:32:29 ppp: [wan_link0] Can't join bundle wan without multilink negotiated.

    I was told by the ISP that they support bonding and thats why they sold us the second line as we couldn't get any faster lines.

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