Multi WAN IP issues

  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to setup multiple WAN IP's and for whatever reason its not working.  Current configuration is;

    pfSense 1.2 BETA 1 (build April 30) – (tried downloading the build from last night for the beta and upgrading but it doesn't upgrade)
    compaq 1gig low profile system
    built-in nic is WAN
    4 port PCI switch card is LAN
    1st static IP configured as regular WAN IP (70.xx.xx.xx/20)
    2nd static IP configured as CARP VIP (also 70.x.x.x.x/20)

    In NAT I've tried 1:1 with /32 and /20 pointing to internal ip of 192.x.x.x
    and also tried removing that and doing straight port forwarding specifying the VIP as the source and http as the port.

    When using the NAT 1:1 I went in and manually added rules to the firewall allowing traffic src 70.x.x.x to goto the 192.x.x.x

    None of this has worked whatsoever.  I've spent literally hours (started last evening) reading all the posts I could find regarding this subject here in the forums.

    does anyone have any suggestions?

    thanks in advance.

  • I got it.

    My ISP had not removed the filter on their side, even though they had assigned the ip to me.  Once they made the change, everything started working.


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