Vmware Pfsense Issue

  • HI This is sachin

    i am new user of pfsense

    i have install pfsense 2.0 on my windows server 2008 i have use Oracle virtual box, my installation has done.
    i have 1 issue

    my ISP has provide me 4 public ip i want use 1 public ip on my PFSENSE Vm currently wan ip is DHCP IP i have attche Pfsense 1 file.
    i want to use pfsense outside plus i have webserver on of local ip plus ftp server also want to access outside i don't know how to do NAT Rule, where i can set public ip so i can get my Pfsense box outside.
    i have set 3 lan card on my vm 1 is bridge adapter 2 bridge adapter 3 Internal Network…................(may be i have set wrong setup)

    Thanks in advance.

    Please help how to set this

  • Hello!

    You need to explain yourself a bit better if you want help.
    And also your title say vmware and you are using virtual box.
    Maybe draw a little diagram of what you are trying to achieve.
    Im trying to understand the setup you described above:

    WAN –-> Win2008 Host machine 1 single NW interface
                   -> Pfsense virtual box machine 1st bridged NW interface  --> pfsense -> internal NW interface --> Webserver virtual box machine?
                  |                                                                            ^                                                | --> ftpserver virtual box machine?
                   -> Pfsense virtual box machine 2nd bridged NW interface |

    This is how I read your post.
    Why do you have 2 bridged interfaces in pfsense?
    All 3 (win2008, pfsense1 and 2) will get a public IP.

    Remove the second bridged interface in pfsense.
    Make sure you have set the local servers to internal networking on the same internal network as pfsense.


  • Maybe this is the setup you are after?
    If that´s case then look at post no3 for the setup.

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