Port 80 and general routing

  • I'm experiencing some very odd behavior on 2.0.1, and was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it before.

    I'm using pfSense as a general router to switch between 2 VLAN networks, an untagged network, and our WAN. I'm aware that some adaptors don't treat VLANs correctly, so I am looking into getting adaptors that are all on the supported lists (em).

    The setup is as follows:

    WAN (192.168.1.x) -> pfSense |-> LAN (10.0.0.x)
                                             |-> GUEST (10.1.150.x)
                                             |-> PHONE (192.168.2.x)

    NAT is turned off by deleting the rules in Manual Outbound NAT. The firewall rules and firewall all SEEM to be working correctly and this issue occurs even with all traffic allowed.

    What I'm seeing is that HTTP traffic after the initial GET over port 80 seems to be blocked when coming back from the WAN through sniffing, but I'm not seeing anything in the logs about blocked or rejected packets. Browsing to Google (TLS/SSL) and other sites at other ports on the WAN works perfectly fine, it's just HTTP traffic that isn't working.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Also seeing a significant number of IN errors on the WAN interface, and our switches don't report what they are. It's a bge card.

    EDIT 2:
    Found the problem. The issue was an internal bge card in a Dell (these are apparently known to have issues). Here's a great article about fixing such problems if you run into them yourself:

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