Crash Report - pfsense 2.0.1 Release

  • So let me start off by saying - love pfSense and have been running it for what seems like forever.  However I just got my pfSense 2.0.1 release crash for the first time on a Watchguard x700 and was curious as to what it meant.

    I already submitted it via the GUI (didnt want to disclose the IP here) - but was also curious is there a way for me to see what is included in the submission?  I will also note - and maybe this is my goof - it asked to clear it after I submitted it.  Can I go back anywhere to see the error message/log?  If it helps - I am also running a syslog server and its configured to capture EVERYTHING.

    Would love to know if this is just a glitch on the Watchguards part - or if I have a hardware issue on my hands.



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    Before you submit it, on the screen that asks if you want to submit, all of the data is shown there in a large textarea. Once you submit the info it's gone.

    It's stored in /var/crash and it's in textdump format.

    I looked for a crash dump from the IP you sent me, and I saw a directory there, but it was empty. I'm not sure what it captured, but it didn't submit anything. I saw another crash from the same IP back in August, but it was also empty.

  • Okay - is there a setting that I need to turn on to enable more verbose crash dumps?  And thanks for the personal assistance on this - really appreciate it.  The only other thing I could think of is it happened on a day I told the router to reboot on its own (shutdown -r now).  Could it just be crying that it was forced to shutdown?

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    No settings, it would keep things automatically. Proper crash dumps can only happen on a system running a full install and that has enough swap space to contain the crash dumps.

    If you are running a full install with no swap space, (not sure how that gets shoehorned into a watchguard box, I don't have one) that might explain it.

  • Bingo!  Full install on a WD hard drive and no swap install :(  Dangit.  Will have to fix that.

    Thanks for helping me find that issue.  Will at least let me know what is going on with it going forward.

    Thanks again :)