PfSense with Netgear Quad Wan Firewall

  • Hi, I am new to this forum. I have an issue where I need to verify internet usage. This was monitored when we have multiple proxy servers in place but since then we install a Netgear Quad Wan Firewall router and it blocks sites and stuff like that but does not monitor user internet usage. Can anyone please help. The Netgear Quad Wan currently has 3 routers connected to it. I am trying to use the proxy server to cache websites visited, user internet usage and proxy authentication to the internet.

  • Where in this setup is the pfSense?
    And honestly: what is your question?
    Maybe rephrase with a diagram of your setup and a more clear description what the problem is and what you're trying to accomplish.

  • The Netgear Quad Wan is currently our default gateway to the internet via 3 routers. I would like to put a proxy in place to monitor user usage as the Netgear does not have this capabilities.

  • Thanks for the links, I will look at it and see if it will help. I want the router to via the netgear and then authenticate via the pfsense proxy server resulting in using all 3 internet lines and the proxy just as a caching and authenticating system for me to monitor users.

  • Why not drop the Netgear multiwan and replace the whole setup with the pfSense?

    This thread contains/is a howto to multiWAN-proxy with pfSense:,37083.0.html

  • Please read below, I want a setup like this:
    I have been using netgear FVS 318 firewall for a while and since it does not give much flexibility, i installed pfsense to a dedicated computer. The way i want it to work is, Internet -> Pfsense -> Netgear Firewall -> LAN. So far i set up pfsense LAN and It is DHCP at the same time and gets IP from ISP and starts - (this is also problem when i connect to additional PC, it assigns the last IP available to that PC). Netgear has WAN interface and if i use that interface, i can not connect to the internet from my PC. When i use connection from pfsense to netgear as a regular NIC (basically use netgear as a switch), it works but then netgear firewall functionality does not work. i want it to use as a firewall as well.

  • Ok but this is a whole different setup than what you described above.
    Aren't you mixing different scenarios now?

    The problem you describe sounds to me like your netgear firewall doesn't do NAT (only routes) and the pfSense doesn't know about the subnet behind the netgear.
    For this you would have to add a static route for the subnet behind the netgear pointing to the netgear.

  • OK, can you please assist with the steps as I have tried but failed on many occasions

  • No i can't because the little information you posted is in no way enough to be able to help you.
    Also you mix up multiple scenarios with different layouts.

    You should start again:
    1: What is the original setup (including diagram, subnet's, etc.)
    2: What are you trying to accomplish (including diagram, subnet's, etc.)
    3: How do you expect it to behave.
    3: What is not working the way you expect.

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