VIP redirects to pfsense login after changes are made

  • I have created a simple cluster. It works fine till I alter the pool. My config is as follows:

    pfsense WAN:
    pfsense LAN:
    pool hosts: www1), www2)
    VIP assigned to pfsense as type IP Alias:

    When both hosts are in the pool, it works fine. When I remove one of the hosts, I get the pfsense login instead of the remaining host in the pool. As I make changes of who is in the pool, I get erratic results. Sometimes when it is working and I refresh a few times, it will stop working.

    When I say not working, I mean I get the pfsense login instead of the web server(s) as expected.

  • I'm getting the exact same message. VRRPv2, Advertisement, vrid 102, prio 0, authtype none, intvl 1s, length 36, addrs(7)

    My environment is: PFS 2.0.1, ESXi 5.1 (Applied all the recommendation in 'PfSense_2_on_VMware_ESXi_5')

  • This has happened to me to in 2.1x.

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