Policy based routing

  • I need help !!!!

    i have a pfsense with the actual image (developer).

    i have 3 interfaces. WAN / MPLS / LAN

    i make a rule (policy base routing) on the LAN interface with the Gateway MPLS.

    The MPLS Gateway is configured on the MPLS interface.

    Now the facts, if a ping to the subnet behind the MPLS Gateway nothing happens.
    The packet will forward to the default gateway.

    what is my failure ?


  • Exactly how did you set up the rule? Aren't you having a problem with rule order? Consider that rule has to be before any "allow all" rule that catches all traffic, otherwise just gets routed as per THAT default rule (which, if you didnt specify a gateway would be as per the system routing table)

    Anyway, in your particular case I would add a static route instead of using policy based routing.


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