(Load Balancer) Failover mode not working

  • Hi,

    I've got a setup with redundant internal systems accessible from the outside. I use the load balancer in pfsense to create pools and virtual servers on the WAN interface. This seems to work all dandy, except that I'm seeing traffic on both systems in a pool when I would expect to see traffic only on one.

    This has been like this since 1.0.1-snapsomething, though I can't pinpoint exactly when.

    If I am tailing the webserver logs on both, and try to use the public IP (from inside or outside, makes no difference) to access them, I'll see hits in both (some hits here, some hits there, not same hit on both). This is OK for the webservice-type apps we have, but not for the administration service which gets rather confused if you log on to one and try to do work on the other.



  • Failover is only supported on outgoing LB.  We have updated the GUI to reflect this today.

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