Squid3 dynamic content caching for YouTube

  • Hi All

    I am currently running two pfSense firewalls and I am looking for a way to enable youTube caching on both of them.

    I have updated them to use the Latest Squid3 (3.1.20 pkg 2.0.5_5) but if I enable the dynamic caching option then it still caches items but everything is a TCP_MISS (No HITs at all) when I disable it again then HITs appeare.

    Is there a way to enable the youTube caching with out enabling the dynamic caching or will this be fixed in the near future and I should just be a little patient?

    Any feed back would be great


  • You can add all the options you need by hand using the "custom options" box.
    So if you need just a part of an option the GUI offers then enable it on the GUI, check the "squid.conf" file for the syntax you need and then go to GUI again, disable it there and add the part you need by hand in the "custom options" box. The GUI ist just a helper :-)