MiniPCIe Wlan Card with 2 antennas working in AP mode

  • Hi there,

    I've got a Compex WLE200NX 2,4/5 GHz miniPCIe Wlan adapter (newer card with Atheros AR9280 chipset) which makes problems with pfsense 2.0.1: first I managed to get it to work in 11g mode as hostap but after a while the connections got lost, interface status says 'no carrier' and dis- and reenabling the interface doesn't fix this… System log says: "kernel: ath0: ath_reset: unable to reset hardware; hal status 3".

    I'm willing to buy a new card and therefore I've searched quite a lot in the different FreeBSD/pfsense-forums. I've learned, that 11n isn't supported at all, Atheros normally should be ok but maybe not in hostap mode,... but in summary I'm not any cleverer than before and even more confused...

    So my (simple?) question is: is there anybody who runs a miniPCIe Wlan card with 2 antennas in pfsense 2.0.1 in hostap mode? Please no "xyz normally should be supported" but "hey, my xyz works perfectly!" ;)

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

  • Have you tried a snapshot build of pfSense 2.1? They are based on FreeBSD 8.3 which has more up-to-date device drivers than FreeBSD 8.1 used in pfSense 2.0.1.

    Have you searched the pfSense forums for posts containing WLE200NX?

  • The only other post mentioning WLE200NX is from me ;)
    But I'll try the snapshot installation (didn't want to use unstable versions for such a system).

  • Now I'm on the latest snapshot version but same problem: first, WLAN AP works for short time, connections from smartphone are ok then the next day, smartphone doesn't see the AP, System log says "kernel: ath0: stuck beacon; resetting (bmiss count 4)"

    So I repeat my question: can anyone tell me a concrete miniPCIe Wlan card, running in AP mode without problems?


  • I agree with you: There is not concrete hint all over the forum to a working miniPCIe card working with pfSense 2.0.1 or 2.1.

    All I could offer is a conrecte miniPCI card: Compex WLM54AG. I am using it both directly in a miniPCI slot and in a PCI2miniPCI adapter card. This WLAN card works perfectly in hostap mode - even with cloning.


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