• can't find much on the forum about it but is there any plans to support this with pfsense? i'm not too conversant with it but from what i understand, it is a way of centraly controlling or configuring multiple remote devices. i ask because i know of somebody who is about to install a pile of drayteks across numerous sites whereas i champion pfsense after coming away from drayteks years ago.
    to be able to provision multiple pfsenses would be an extremely cool feature although i do appreciate there are difficulties due to the wide hardware etc and the fact that pfsense will be connected to external devices over which it has no contol!

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    As I understand it TR-069 would not really be much use in pfSense since it is a protocol designed for communicating between CPE and ISPs in general. You could class a pfSense box as CPE but you would need to be in control of equipment at an ISP in order to use it.
    I guess I could see a use for it if you have multiple leased lines with direct ethernet connections to your various remote sites.  :-\

    There is a product in the works for centralised management of multiple pfSense installs which will be more appropriate. CMB recently commented on it:,54202.msg289997.html#msg289997

    Search for pfcenter to see some other comments on it.

    Unfortunately, from my point of view, it looks like it won't be an OSS product. I can understand that since it's obviously taken a large investment in time and money to produce and is targeted at large scale, and hence high value, installations. However I do not have enough pfSense boxes deployed to justify it so it's unlikely I'll get to sample it's delights. I guess it will depend on the licence model. Clearly I'll have to deploy more boxes!  :)


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