• I live in a rural area and best I had available until last week was a 1.5mb DSL that averages about .8mb. Finally I have available 4G, so I had it installed. I built up a PFSense box with 4 nics and have been unsuccessful so far in getting it working. First a little info. My DSL circuit has a /29. It feeds an ADSL-Wic in my Cisco 2801. I am using unnumbered addressing on the dialer, with a public IP on the ethernet interface, this feeds a Cisco 5510 ASA that does the natting and port forwarding and is the DGW for the internal Lan with its address being in vlan 1. The 4G modem currently is in router mode, performing NAT to private address space. Also I am running an exchange server and several websites on the DSL address space.

    Now the questions,

    Where would be the best placement for PFSense? I am unable to get a block of statics on the 4G, so all incoming traffic will need to remain on the DSL. I have tried it both before the ASA and after. From the console I can ping in both directions, but from the lan interface I can not ping out. I am also unable to set a gateway for the dsl circuit (per the how to) I know I am close, any tidbits of experience are welcome