Netflow issue using pfflowd or softflowd

  • I have a pfsense 2.0.1 box that I am trying to enable netflow on to my nfsen box.

    I had this working previously with a cisco asa.

    Settings are
    Host: (nfsen IP)
    Port: 2020
    Source IP: (Internal IP of pfsense also the network gateway for lan)
    direction: any
    netflow version 9 (have tried 5 also)

    I see it running
    /usr/local/sbin/pfflowd -n -s -S any -v 9

    But running tcpdump on pfsense and on nfsen I see no traffic being sent to port 2020

    Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

    I have also tested installing softflow with same results
    /usr/local/sbin/softflowd -v 5 -i em0 -n
    /usr/local/sbin/softflowd -v 9 -i em0 -n

  • Fixed issue. Had an IP conflict.

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