DualWAN and routing issue

  • I think I found a solution to my problem, but in case someone else runs across the same thing (or in case there is a better solution):

    There seems to be a potential issue with the use of the routing table, specifically routes from static or openbgp or openvpn, in combination with a MultiWan setup.
    If you have a host which is directed to a specific gateway using a rule on the LAN interface, then it will use that gateway not just for the internet, but for routes that can be reached over OpenVPN, etc.

    In my case I had a site to site tunnel from  to had MultiWan and was unable to reach hosts on, whereas hosts on could reach hosts on just fine.

    My solution was to add rules at with higher priority than those specifying which WAN gateway to use.
    So I made a rule for and said to use the default gateway (rather than one of the two specific one), and it started working just fine.

    Is there a smarter way to handle this though? I don't want to forget if I add another tunnel down the road or something similar, and forget to add another rule for the new tunnel to make sure it's traffic goes to the default gateway.

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