Dyndns traffic blocked regular ip ok

  • If I use dyndns on a program the traffic does not go thru if I use the actual IP address of my WAN all is fine. I have confirmed that the dyndns IP is updated and correct. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

    Also traffic from within my LAN on the ports I open also don't work.

  • What you're describing is impossible at a network level. DNS has no relevance in how a connection is made, it's simply used to resolve the hostname to an IP, and then the request is made to the resulting IP. Hence making the request direct to an IP, and to a FQDN that resolves to the same IP, is exactly the same. The only exception to that would be with HTTP using host headers, but that would generally be the opposite scenario, hostname working and IP not working. Regardless, doesn't have anything to do with the firewall.

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