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  • hello to everybody,
    I need to open ftp just in lan because i have multifunction printer/scanner to use with my pc by ftp service.

    So I have rules in interface lan like this:
    proto      source          port            destination    port   
    *            lan net            *                *                *

    so why I cant open ftp?
    thanks in advanced for your support

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    so this ftp server is on the same lan as the client to connect?  Or do you have multiple lan segments connected to pfsense.

    If your devices are both on the same network segment, ie talking to - then pfsense has NOTHING to do with that conversation.  You can set firewall rules til your blue in the face, they don't mean anything because you don't talk to your gateway (pfsense) to talk to boxes on the same network segment.

    As to why you can not ftp, do you have a host firewall on the ftp server?  Do you have a host firewall on the client?  Is ftp even running, is it listening on the default ports? etc.. etc..

  • Hello Johnpoz!
    so they are on the same network lan u are right…I have to check better ftp server I will reply u next days.

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