PFsense 2.01 and Rate Limit?

  • Is there a simple way to just rate limit based on the interface? For example I have pfsense 2.01 and 1 wan port with a 50Mbps link. the internal port is 1 gig.
    How can i simply rate-limit that want port to 50Mbps. Its seen on the firewall as a fast ethernet interface.
    It needs to be based on the interface rather than hosts inside. Can this be done?
    Any idea's are appreciated! ::)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't easily apply it as a per-interface limit, but you can setup a pair of limiters and direct all traffic to/from the subnet on that interface into the limiter (basically edit any rule passing traffic from/to that subnet and use the limiters on it), and get that effect.

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