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  • I am currently moving from Smoothwall (used for many years) to PFSense.  Doing some different stuff with PFSense with multiple WAN and LAN connections such that I built a new box with 6 NICs on it.  Its on its own dedicated hardware box right now.

    The above said.  I have been using an NTP server with a GPS for a few years now.  I would like to shut that box down and attach the GPS to the PFSense server.

    Over the years have used a variety of GPS hardware devices all serially connected.  First one was just mounting a GPS antenna outside and a serial receiver inside (old surplus vehicle one).  I then went to the Sure Electronics one (which did OK until it burned up one day) and currently using an older style GPS with a serial connection on it mounted in the attic with a serial wire run some 3 floors into the basement.

    Concurrently I am into weather and amateur radio such that I am adding an APRS Station to my setup and playing around a bit with doing direct satellite weather map downloads from NOAA satellites.

    Serially right now this is what I see on my NTP box running my some 100 foot serial cable to the comm closet.


    I am documenting my PFSense build on an automation forum; going really slow with it.  That said is there a step by step anywhere here on the forum or wiki such that I can add my hardware GPS to the PFSense NTP server?

    Here is where I am posting my PFSense build:

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    To enable GPS on pfSense 2.1 it's just a matter of going to Services > NTP, and selecting the serial port on which the GPS sits. Nothing else to it, no knobs or anything.

  • How is this installed?



  • Very knowledgeable and very interesting.

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