Odd issue with off site PPTP connection

  • I'm not really sure where this belongs, I'm not getting any firewall entries or snort entries or anything. I'm trying to connect to a client by using my XP VM with PPTP (yes, I know…. ). I can successfully connect to other customers VPN's successfully, but this one is giving me problems. I can connect outside my work network and it works properly, but inside it does not. I'm looked in the firewall and snort logs, I've even turned off snort and pfBlocker, but still can't connect. I have attached a .txt of the packet capture I performed. It looks like the handshake coming back to me is gone awry. I get to the point in connecting where it tries to verify username/password and it eventually times out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I am using pfSense 2.0.2.

  • I spent a little bit more time on this when I got to work this morning and have it working. I had PF scrubber disabled already, that didn't work, I then went to Firewall > NAT Outbound and created a rule to allow anything outbound… I will be tightening this down to just PPTP port though.