Help: setting up hyper-v, with 3 physical NIC ports

  • OK basically, I have 1 PCIe Intel Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapters and a built in Realtek gigbabit adapter.

    I just started out with hyper-v, so I don't know what I'm doing–unlike with ESXi, I haven't been able to find any help on setting up hyper-v using multiple physical ports. I don't think I need to do any sharing of ports, since I have plenty of physical ones.

    Anyhow... what I'm trying to do is a "best practice" setup, such as is documented with ESXi, where you are using 3 ports, as follows:

    A: INTEL NIC 1 port 1 connected to the modem (WAN - internet -- pfsense use for WAN )
    B: INTEL NIC 1 port 2 connected to gigabit switch (LAN -- pfsense use for LAN )
    C: REALTEK NIC port 1 connected to gigabit switch (LAN -- workgroup / private network -- will get it's IP from pfsense)

    So how do I actually set up these NICs under hyper-v using "virtual switches"? (specifics please)

    If I can get this hyper-v mutiple physical NIC part setup, I think I'll be able to figure out the rest myself.

  • Over a month and no answer?
    Unacceptable as Seven of Nine would have put it :)

    The trick is to see the virtual switches as physical ones and treat them the same way.
    If we would build this in a server rack with physical stuff we would need
    1. one wan switch
    2. One incoming wan connection
    3. One internal switch
    4. One outgoing connection to the internal network
    5. One server
    6. One firewall

    Lets do the same thing in the virtual world…..

    The first thing to do is to create the wan swtich (nr 1 above). Do that by going into virtual Network Manager in the Hyper-V console.
    Create a new External network and call it Wan.
    It now should be Connected to the wan connection (nr 2 above). Do this by Selecting the right Intel adapter in the drop down list (i guess you get two there).

    Make sure that allow management operating system …. is NOT Selected. You dont plug a Cable from the wan switch into an internal server in the physical world and neither should we do it in the virtual world.

    Now we have an wan switch and we have a Connection from it to the Wan

    The next step is to create a the internal switch (nr 3 above)
    Create a new External network (Yes it should be external since exteranl in hyper-v means allowed to use physicall nics).
    I call my one internal network.
    It should now be connected to the outgoing connection (4). This is done by selecting the Realtec card.
    Now make sure that allow management operating system …. is Selected. This equals putting a cable between the internal switch (3) and the server (5)

    The last thing is to install and connect the firewall box.
    Create a Virtual machine with two legacy network adapters.
    Connect them to wan and internal (just like we would plug in two cables on a physical switch)
    Install Pfsense on it


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