NPt with 6to4

  • i have Router, with WAN v4 (with 6to4) and tunnel v6.
    i want to config in the LAN some site-local ipv6 and config NPt rules for both the tunnel and the 6to4.
    the NPt rule of the 6to4 is working good, but the NPt rule of the 6to4 not working.
    the NPt rules:
    WAN  2002:AAAA:BBBB::/64  fd00:CCCC:DDDD::/64
    TUN  2001:470:EEEE:FFFF::/64  fd00:CCCC:DDDD::/64

    the WAN 6to4 address is 2002:AAAA:BBBB::

    when i configure the firewall rule to route the fd00:CCCC:DDDD:: via the tunnel, the server can download files.
    But when i configure the rule to route it via the WAN 6to4 it is not working.
    some idea what is the problem?
    (i tryed to configure VIP 6to4IP::1 to the wan, i can ping it from outside. the same when configure it on the lan. but both are not solving the problem of the NPt…)

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